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Soluciones Netquest

Rescue and full migration of systems

Netquest is one of the largest providers of online panels and online survey software for market research in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Its comprehensive quantitative studies are performed through an online community or "panelists", previously shortlisted in a specialized database.

Project overview:
Rescue and migrate the entire system and data platform to Celingest. The challenge was to do so safely and quickly, to guarantee continuity and avoid interruptions to the service.
Once stabilized, due to its growing Latin American market, Netquest requested the creation of a new infrastructure (LatAm) that would enable them to operate from the Cloud, bringing their platform closer to their clients.
Planning, design, installation and full implementation of a project to rescue and migrate production systems to a new, high availability, private virtual platform managed by Celingest, minimizing risk and saving time. HAProxy, Apache, JBoss, MySQL and Xen technology were used .
Creation of a server infrastructure in the Cloud for managing online panels and surveys in the Latin American market.
Project highlights:
  • IconQuick and safe migration: The data transfer was performed in short period of time ensuring that the system was offline for as little time as possible.
  • IconReplication Technology: The integration of databases in MySQL with replication systems allowed non-intrusive backups to be made, with no impact on the performance of the primary database, making the service available 24 hours a day.
  • IconCloud Infrastructure: The integration of data into the cloud gives the LatAm platform all the advantages that characterise this technology: flexibility, scalability, high availability, geolocation and on-demand resource allocation. An advanced technology that allowed Netquest to expand their market potential effectively and take their services into the Latin American market.

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