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Our recognition as an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services in Spain strengthens us as experts in deploying Cloud platforms.

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Failsafe solutions

High availability and scalability without limits for your projects. Revolutionized hosting services with all the advantages of the Cloud infrastructure.

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Analysis & Migration

We care about your projects. We analyze, migrate and integrate your applications into the cloud quickly, effectively and safely, giving your business a competitive advantage.

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We focus on dynamic and flexible infrastructures that can react fast and effectively to changing needs and peak concurrency.

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Design and implementation

The key to a good strategy is effective planning. We're experts in the design and implementation of advanced technological solutions.

Management and maintenance

Leave it to us. Gain peace of mind with a comprehensive service and rigorous monitoring and management.


We're aware of your needs at all times. We monitor and boost the performance of your application to make it more agile, flexible and dynamic.

Cloud Solutions

We build, migrate and integrate your applications into the cloud quickly, effectively and safely.


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Supporting new business ideas

With 70 million users per year, this young company has fast become a search portal of international reference among Android platform users. Its website (accessible via desktop and mobile) provides a categorized list of the applications available for this particular operating system, including popularity rankings and user reviews.

Client testimonials

We can't think of another, more effective hosting services provider

“We can't think of another, more effective hosting services provider. I would highlight their excellent service, their availability and skill at providing real solutions to meet our particular needs, plus their technical support in all situations. Thank you, Celingest.”

Kiko Rodríguez Sierra

Grey Group

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